How Journaling Transformed My Entire Vision For 2020

Seriously?” has been my mantra for all of 2020. I’m not going to get into the logistics of how difficult it’s been to cope with the ongoing struggles of this year because I’ve already penned an entire blog post about it here. So, yeah, please check it out!

Being a person who just doesn’t feel comfortable expressing my innermost thoughts to any and everyone, I find solace in writing things down. Enter: the beauty of journaling.

I’ve always heard about the benefits of journaling; yet, I never realized how rewarding and fulfilling the act of pouring your heart onto random pieces of paper can actually be. In January 2020, I started a life journal. My life journal was tailored to fit all aspects of my life that I wanted to improve: whether I was listing my yearly long-term goals, jotting down gifts I wanted to buy myself, business ideas, personal notes, beauty products I wanted to buy, places I wanted to travel to (quite the joke, right?) and even my yearly accomplishments. My life journal was cool because it allotted me the space to attempt to manifest things I wanted to incorporate into my life.

Yet, as I continued my life journal, I felt more cluttered when it came to my thoughts. I felt hella organized but I just had no place to dump my feelings, my fears, and my deepest desires. After enduring a break-up in September 2020, I started a thought journal and it has catapulted my mindfulness to unequivocal realms. I have to admit – this is one of the best habits I picked up this year.

Above: you can catch a quick glimpse into on of my recent thought journal entries from November 2020

My thought journal is my lifeline. I carve out time in my daily morning routine to write in it, at least 2 to 3 times a week. This is my time to release. The routine is always the same: 1) prayer and meditation, 2) coffee and 3) journal. I love that I can expound and marinate within my thoughts and also sift through ideas/conflicts within my own mind. I’ve even started a gratitude segment, where I list things I am grateful for, at that designated day and time. There’s just something so refreshing about being able to speak life into yourself, without seeking validation or feedback from your friends and family. Yes, don’t get me wrong: a support system is great, but at times, it’s better to work within yourself.

Since starting my thought journal, I’ve honed into what makes me tick, what makes me cringe and what makes me human. I’m more self-aware of what I need to improve as a woman, as a blossoming entrepreneur and as a creative. I’m more reflective. I’m also a bit more thankful for my current situation. One thing that I continuously struggle with is comparing myself to the success and progression of others – let’s just say I’ll continue to work to conquer that obstacle well into 2021.

All in all, I highly recommend any form of journaling. It’s a technique that I believe is crucial for both long-term and short-term success. You have to cultivate a plan for your life, but the gag is, you also have to remain steadfast in further strengthening your mind, your body and your spirit. Building a collection written sentiments can work as your own source of encouragement. Opt out of plastering your personal business onto social media and turn inward and write it all down in a journal. There’s no judgment, no harm, no foul. Trust me, you’ll look back five years from now and thank yourself.

Focus on building up you, the rest will fall into place.

“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.”

— Jennifer Williamson

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