Feelin’ Like A Queen with Cloud Runway

Every now and then you happen upon a brand with a vision that shines brighter than the cosmos: the unmatched fire within the passion, the love and the overall message just somehow brings you to truly adore their ascent even more. Cloud Runway is that pivotal brand.

Cloud Runway is a Latina-owned lifestyle brand that offers aesthetically pleasing, life-improving products designed and curated in-house. From fun pieces for your wardrobe to intriguing gadgets for your kitchen, Cloud Runway is here to elevate the standard of your lifestyle.

The brand’s founder, fellow fashionista and my friend, Izzy, has continuously worked on the concept for Cloud Runway for years. I am so excited to see her works come to fruition!

Introducing Cloud Runway’s inaugural line of t-shirts called “Women of the World” – abstract contemporary designs that represent women from different regions of the world. Each stunning t-shirt is comprised of the best of the best quality, dedicated to the richness of various ethnicities of women.

Below, you can catch me rocking the “Queen” sweater: a white cotton blend sweatshirt that is inspired by the beauty of Black culture.

Sweater: Cloud Runway’s “Queen” Sweater, Skirt: GRLFRND Denim

As the brand so eloquently states, “It is undeniable that the Black culture is one of the most influential cultures in the universe. We may even say Black is the most influential. All Black women are extraordinary. Their beauty is apparent.” Check out more of the “Queen” sweater here.

This is just the beginning for Cloud Runway. Every product will give back to the universe in some way.

To shop more pieces from Cloud Runway, visit their official website here or you can follow them via Instagram @cloudrunway. In addition, you can also utilize my promo code: EC2021 (which will bless you with 20% off any Cloud Runway purchase). The “Women of the World” collection will also donate 5% of the proceeds to The Nerdy Girl Success Project.

Thanks again to the team at Cloud Runway for entrusting me with sharing such a dynamic vision! I am forever grateful.

Model: Esmesha Campbell

Photography by: Bi Be, @Gau2708

“Inclusion elevates all.”

-Elaine Hall

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