Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude. It’s a word that we hear often, but, at times, fail to fully acknowledge.

I never understood the power of gratitude until 2020. I started a monthly gratitude journal that continues to serve as a source of optimism and light, even my most desolate moments. Jotting down what I am grateful for blesses me with the vision to authentically see what continues to sustain me. Gratitude is also impactful because it allows you take a step back and evaluate everything that you have already attained.

We tend to designate large amounts of time to reaching our personal goals while setting the bar higher and higher, regarding what we deem as “successful”, and it can become taxing. Gratitude turns this entire thought onto its head opens up the opportunity to enjoy the moment, to enjoy the process, and to marinate in the beauty that is growth.

So, my advice to you, is to not dwell on what you don’t have; instead, look around and dive into what you do possess. Be vigilant in finding your happiness. Your situation is temporary and there is always room for elevation. You are enough. You can progress. You will be successful. Gratitude is the cherry on top.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness in life. It turns what we have into enough and more.”

-Melodie Beattie

Model: Esmesha Campbell

Photography by: Bi Be, @gau2708

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