Dianne Taught Me: How My Mother’s Personal Style Still Influences Me

My mother is the center of my life. ‘Til this day, her influence still has an unwavering hold on me.

Dianne is a woman who never ceases to amaze. Her strength is like no other, her wisdom is boundless and she is the personification of living a purpose-driven life. Growing up, my mother (or “momma” as I call her) was always dressed to the nines – whether she donned a pair of canary yellow snakeskin J. Renee heels or whether she stepped out in a dainty casual slay, Dianne knew how to make anything pop!

I distinctly remember playing dress up in my mother’s closet, as a weekend past time. Everything was up for grabs – leopard gloves, pastel two-piece suits and even sky-high heels – being able to pretend to match my momma’s fly was the just the icing on the cake. Not only did my mother encourage me to combine some of the craziest looks, but she taught me that fashion can be fun, unpredictable and open to your own interpretation.

Dianne was never afraid to create her own dynamic pieces as well. When she had a vision, she put pencil to paper and made it happen. I particularly recall her famous blue jean jacket DIY sessions! My momma would purchase my sister and I a blue jean jacket and then she would take us to Hobby Lobby to select patches to decorate our toppers. It was so much fun: we’d pick out decor that translated to us personally – from whimsical, multicolored rhinestones to our favorite cartoon characters to our initials – Dianne was the master of fashion innovation.

At times, I would catch my mother applying her ruby red lipstick, as she so elegantly adjusted her impeccably styled honey-blonde hair in the nearby mirror. I remember thinking, “Wow! She is so beautiful.” Her effortless femininity oozed all kinds of grace, sophistication and class. She was the epitome of a style icon and she still remains my number one source for inspiration.

Blazer: Thrifted, Bralet: ZARA, Pants: Thrifted, Purse: Vintage Coach

Dianne’s maternal influence runs deeper than just style. Yes, she taught me how to think outside of the box and, yes, she even elevated my views of why you should remain presentable at all times. Dianne taught me to be more thoughtful in fashion. Dianne taught me to be fearless. Dianne taught me to simply embrace every ounce that is me. For all of this, I am forever grateful.

Photography Credit: Bi Be. Follow her on Instagram @Gau2708. She is a Houston-based photographer. Contact her via Direct Message (DM) for potential collabs. She is a visionary.

“The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” 

—James E. Faust

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