Why Telfar Is The Brand That Keeps On Giving

Founded in 2005, Telfar is a New York-based brand that you simply cannot overlook. If you log into Instagram, you’ll immediately spot one of their iconic bags within minutes of scrolling. Many are not aware that the rise of this fashion house was far from an overnight success. The visionary behind Telfar’s slayage, Telfar Clemens, has been instrumental in the brand’s ascent and he has helped to cultivate a loyal following that continues to support time and time again.

To me, Telfar is more than just a “brand”, it’s a lifestyle. It’s inclusion. It’s an entire vibe. So, naturally, I figured I’d dedicate today’s post to singing it’s praises. Beyond the hype – let’s get into the real reasons why Telfar has conquered the realm fashion – one bag at a time.

1) Consistency.

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Telfar has it! There is always a collaboration line, a bag, or apparel release on the horizon. Sometimes the drops are impromptu and then others are subtly marketed via social media. (As a matter of fact, the brand has their lavender shopping bags dropping tomorrow at 9 AM EST. You’re welcome, sis.) Telfar does a wonderful job in keeping their supporters satisfied. Weekly drops are their main objective and products do tend to sell out in minutes. With their hands to the pulse of the people, Telfar’s team listens to what their customers are craving – and they make suggestions a reality.

2) Telfar does not break the budget.

A few days back, Queen Bey broke the internet while rocking a white Telfar shopping bag… in addition, the brand’s signature bags were included on Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2020… and let’s not forget that Telfar is also donned by the likes of street style royalty such as Bella Hadid, Solange Knowles and Dua Lipa. Yet, their highly coveted products remain quite affordable.

The Telfar shopping bags ring in between $150 and $257, sizes ranging between small, medium and large. Telfar’s apparel also ranges from $88 to $250. The brand does it all – earrings, belts, hats, duffle bags, durags, beanies, shoes.. you name it! Despite their popularity, Telfar did make it clear that their prices will not change. Whew, it’s the loyalty for me!

3) To purchase Telfar is to join a family.

Telfar’s motto is: “It is not for you – it is for everyone“. Truer words have never been spoken. Telfar makes it clear that they are an inclusive brand, strategically creating their pieces for both men and women to wear. No one is left out. That’s the beauty of their sartorial rise: Telfar’s versatility will continue to catapult them to infinite heights.

When I purchased my first Telfar mini shopping bag, I wore it for about a week straight. Let me tell you – the love and the props I received for wearing the bag was unmatched. Strangers were telling me how much they loved and respected Telfar while spilling how they wanted to add the Bushwick Birkin to their own wardrobe! I’ve never had such a vibrant response to a purse. It’s crazy. Now, when I wear my bag, it’s like a badge of honor. I catch stares every now and then, but overall the vibe is love. I’ve even spotted others wearing their own Telfar creations and I pay it forward by pouring positivity into them as well. Sometimes all it takes is a mere glance like, “Yes! I see you! I SEE you!

Quick tip: Want to secure your own Telfar shopping bag? Join their mailing list and monitor the releases. On the drop day, show up early and have your credit card ready. I have witnessed bags sell out in 5 minutes! Create an account beforehand for a faster checkout.

4) Telfar does it for the culture!

Telfar is a Black-owned brand. Everything Telfar does is for the culture. Head over to their social media and you’ll see a variety of melanin sprinkled with pops of color featuring their It bag. Check their runway shows and you’ll also see the same – silky chocolates and caramels dominate the catwalk. Recently, Telfar was also tapped to design the track-and-field uniforms for Liberia’s 2021 Tokyo Olympic appearance. I can think of no better way to represent the culture than West African athletes uplifting the eye-catching designs of a Black fashion brand. Often times, representation is lacking in mainstream media, especially regarding fashion, but Telfar turns this theory on its head and has consistently proven that they are by the people and for the people. Respect.

 I am truly excited to continue to witness the Telfar reign. This is only the beginning. The brand has made a name for itself as a street style mainstay and it’s only up from here.

To see more from the brand, visit their official site at Telfar.net or click here to take a quick detour. Follow the brand via Instagram (@telfarglobal) to get updates on future shopping bag releases and upcoming collaborations. What are your thoughts on Telfar? Drop them below!

Photography Credits: 1) Cover photo taken by Bi Be (@gau2708), 2) Telfar Clemens profile photograph via USA Vision, 3) Telfar Bags via Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020 and 4) Telfar Clemens and Emmanuel Matadi via Vogue. I do not own the rights to the photographs posted.

“I can’t hate on anybody. I think fashion is a conversation. If you have a cell phone, you have an opinion about fashion—that’s the world we live in.”

-Telfar Clemens

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