Esmesha’s Life: Vintage Hunting at Thrift Con at NRG Center Hall

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending ThriftCon here in Houston! Talk about an experience. The sights, the vibes, the feels… it was epic.

For those of you who are not familiar with ThriftCon, let me fill you in. ThriftCon is an annual thrift and vintage vendor convention that takes place in various cities (including Miami, Denver and Atlanta). Think of it this way: collect all of the thrifting/vintage “cream of the crop” and place them under one roof – for one day only. Insane, right?

This was my first time gracing the event, but it will not be my last. Not only did ThriftCon re-ignite my love for hunting vintage and thrifted gems, but it also exposed me to different aspects of my style that I want to be a more adventurous in. I fell in love with the thrifting community all over again!

With loads of grail vintage graphic tees on deck, it made it hard not to drop coins on those one-of-a-kind finds. No lie: I dropped $200 on a 90s vintage Dale Earnhardt “The Intimidator” all-over racing graphic t-shirt. Shame is nowhere in the equation. I challenge you to find a better version.

My sister (as seen below, bottom left) accompanied me on my ThriftCon journey and she also scored a few dope pieces!

All in all, ThriftCon Houston was one for the books. I learned so much and it was refreshing to meet such intriguing individuals who share the same passion for throwback fashion while also injecting their own modern twists. Shopping sustainable is always a rush. Excited to see what next year brings!

To see more about ThriftCon, check out their official site here or follow them via Instagram @thrift_con. I highly recommend keeping tabs on when they’ll be in your city, the experience is like no other and you’ll leave feeling inspired.

Good things come to those who thrift.

-Thrifter’s Proverb

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