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I’ve been super busy, my loves. My heart ached when I realized I had not posted in a couple weeks. So, I figured I owed my readers a slight glimpse into what’s been keeping me from them.

No matter how much you plan and strategize, life remains unpredictable. The unexpected sweeps in and completely alters how you mentally process everything. Yes, it can get hectic. In the short time I’ve failed to post, I have lived! The much-needed shift was emphasized around my loved ones, my dog Chloe, my health and (of course) other personal passions.

I rediscovered my love for all things vintage. I visited a bomb Dr. Seuss exhibit with my younger sister, Gebrina. I’ve taken on another creative outlet (outside of writing). My workout mat has become my second home. I’ve celebrated the gift of love. Full-time work has spilled over into the weekends. I purchased my first Vivienne Westwood piece. Nostalgia has become a source of self-care. I have also come to realize that prayer is where my mind, heart and spirit are free.

Taking a step back to breathe is critical.

I will always stand on the premise that maintaining mental health is a priority. Not sure if it’s just the Capricorn in me or the mere fact that clarity comes in life’s more subtle moments. It felt damn good to not force anything. Decisions flowed like water and the incoming inspiration marched in even heavier.

Working in creative spaces can become quite daunting; at times, I am completely lost in how I want push forward in establishing my voice. Yet, those genuine times when you’re vulnerable and taken out your comfort zone, the deepest inhabitations are tossed to the wind – leaving behind a warm fearlessness that tells you to keep pressing forward.

And, here we are! Still feeling blessed to be able to have this blog to connect with each and every one of you. My only hope is that my words bring some form of peace. Know that you are not the only person going through the ups and downs in life. Know that you can overcome any obstacle that is plaguing you.

We’re down only as long as we allow ourselves to be. Get up, get out and take life by the reins. No one can do it better than you. Like Joseline Hernandez so eloquently put it, “do it like it’s yo b-day…!”

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

-Oscar Wilde

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