Runway to Real Way: Ulla Johnson’s Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Ulla Johnson is a designer that I respect for her ability to make me appreciate the beauty of vintage. Whenever I tire of my thrifted finds, I simply scour ‘fits from Ulla Johnson’s runway to get “re-inspired”.

With a special love for the 70’s and 80’s eras, Johnson interprets modern fashion with her own touch which revels in escapism, nature and loads of color. Her designs are not for the faint of heart and skew more towards the statement-making category. And, I adore every creation.

So, keep reading to find out which looks made the cut for this week’s installment of Runway to Real Way!

1) Second skin tops are your best friend.

The second skin top trend is still going strong for the autumn season. Its versatility could warrant a slight splurge and you’re sure to get quite the bang for your buck. See a few of my affordable favorites here from AFRM.

2) Monochrome vibes automatically inject that extra dose of polish.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, then you’re already aware that I live for a good monochrome moment. Donning a single color from head to toe elevates a simple ‘fit into sartorial gold. Add a waist-cinching belt to also give more shape to flowy fabrics.

3) Don’t forget to add funky hair accessories!

Often times, accessorizing one’s hair can be an overlooked notion. Yet, Ulla Johnson so effortlessly combined the throwback feels of this dramatic ruched maxi dress with the bohemian flair of tonal hair beads. Quiet the statement, no?

“I design for every woman. For all women. For myself, for those I love, for those I know and don’t know. For women near and far, wanderers, lovers, truth seekers, and change makers.”

-Ulla Johnson

4) Transform vintage accents into modern staples.

Not going to lie: vintage leather is hard to find. I adore how the brand adds that antique touch of the vertical buttons and the balloon effect of the mint trousers. The icing on the cake is the exaggerated shoulders and the prim/proper collar of the printed top.

5) Textures, textures and more textures!

Mixing textures is a cool way to incorporate some depth to your look. In this example, the metallic ribbed sweater is conjoined with slick leather lace-up boots and a suede embroidered camel purse. The Aztec-inspired print also adds interest with its play on mustard, burgundy and olive green.

Need more seasonal runway inspiration? I highly encourage you to visit Vogue Runway – it’s a one stop shop for fresh looks, straight off the runway. In my spare time, I find myself perusing the catwalks of Milan, Paris, Copenhagen and New York for refreshing takes of updating my wardrobe. It’s so much fun!

To top things off, which look was your fave from the Ulla Johnson highlight? Did you pick up any outfit inspiration of your own? Comment down below!

*Photo Credits: All Ulla Johnson runway photographs are from Vogue Runway here and photographed by Jonas Gustavsson. I do not own the rights to any of the photographs compiled throughout this article.

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