Outgrowing Your Comfort Zone

I live for a good loungewear set (as seen in the picture above). Loungewear sets are easy and they don’t require much effort. All you have to is find some bomb accessories, style up your hair and throw on an eye-catching pair of shoes. But, just like life, “easy” fashion does not always translate into the best outcomes. Easy style looks are good for quick fixes, but personally, I find that my best slays come from stepping outside of my comforts of my wardrobe.

With that analogy in mind, outgrowing your comfort zone in life becomes a bit more understandable.

I’m a creature of habit. I love what I love. I typically gravitate towards attempting to plan and control my life, as best as I can. Yet, there are some aspects that I don’t have authority over. Stepping outside of what you’re used to is a huge leap! It’s like knowingly placing yourself in the middle of a the unknown, waiting to face whatever obstacle may come your way. Fear of the unknown often contributes to the feeling that one could possibly fail or that something bad may happen. It’s scary.

But, what we have to realize is that outgrowing your comfort zone can be seen as a beneficial part of your life progression rather than a liability. Sure, this is a challenge for many people, but keep in mind that the outcome can only make you stronger and wiser.

I hear your subconscious asking, “How exactly can I outgrow my comfort zone?” The answer is simple. Do the unthinkable.

Whatever scares your in life, whatever gives you the chills, whatever blesses you with that weird numbness in the pit of your stomach – go for it. Whether it’s applying for a new job, exploring a new relationship, traveling alone, starting that business or moving to another city – make it happen. Don’t be that person living with consistent regret of what they did not pursue.

Ten years from now, you’ll thank yourself.

Loungewear Set: Nasty Gal; Sandals: Marshalls; Handbag: Coach

A seed sown in the shade can never become a fruitful plant.”


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