Wellness Win: Investing in Your Workout Clothes

There is nothing better than a bomb workout set! When I first started my fitness journey, I would literally throw on whatever was convenient. I didn’t feel the need to be “presentable” while I worked out. My mindset was, “… at least I’m here!” As time went on I figured out that staying fit was deeper than simply showing up.

I was observant of those around me and I noticed that there were women who actually looked good going to the gym. Sure, they didn’t come to lift weights and do lunges in a full face of makeup; but, they did wear super cute sets, eye-catching sneakers and they even accessorized their hair. I realized in that brief moment that I would have to treat my workout mat as equally as the concrete runway. I had to slay…

Of course, my search for dope workout gear started online. Like every other red-blooded human, my first stop was Amazon. I flock to Amazon for a myriad of reasons – the affordable prices, the swift delivery of Prime and the unmatched variety of products that the site provides.

I kept a few guidelines in the back of my mind while shopping as well. No sheer leggings, durable (and squat-proof) quality and colorful options. In about twenty minutes of searching, I happened upon Toplook’s Seamless Yoga Two-Piece Workout Set. The form-fitting number boasts high-waisted workout tights, seamless technology, and is comprised of nylon/polyester/spandex. For only $29.80, the set also comes in ten different colors! Unreal.

Initially, I was drawn to the grey set. I purchased it (as seen pictured above) and I fell in love. I now own the same set in seven different hues. Just like Ash, I gotta catch ’em all. Interested in making the purchase yourself? Click here to redirect to the Amazon for all the details.

Above: Toplook Women’s Seamless Yoga Two-Piece Workout Set in Wine, Red and Black, $29.80

If Amazon is not your speed, there are a plethora of other companies that make affordable workout clothes including Fabletics, Target, Old Navy and H&M.

Investing in your workout gear is an absolute must. Although “investing” can scream “going over budget”, you don’t always have to break the bank. You can feel only as good as you look. If you show up to fine tune your body with a half put-together appearance (nine times out of ten), your workout may reflect that mindset as well. So, my advice is to make working out enjoyable! Fitness is already challenging, why not show up to show out? Boost your confidence by donning looks that will make you look and feel more powerful. Sis, you got this!

Sound off below: what other websites do you frequent for athletic clothes? Are you a workout set type of girl? Or, do you tend to just grab and go? Let me know!

“All I need is coffee and cute gym clothes.”


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