Currently Reading: Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho

Almost a year ago, I stumbled upon this GQ video which showcases actor Jonathan Majors as he highlighted his top ten life essentials. Majors is actually one of my favorite actors and this book recommendation came to me, per his online feature. To see the entire video, head on over to YouTube here.

Warrior of the Light is written by Paulo Coehlo, a Brazilian lyricist and novelist, who is revered for his literary prowess. Warrior of the Light is a companion to the world-renowned work, The Alchemist. Although I have not indulged in the latter, The Alchemist has gained wide praise for its wisdom and its valuable lesson in teaching readers to listen to their hearts.

I’m only a few pages into Warrior of Light, but it’s certainly not a typical cover-to-cover read. With each passing flip, I find myself taking brief moments to internalize the depth and significance of passages I just read. I also carry the book with me (in my work bag) in my day-to-day life, where I sift through and read when I have a bit of free time. Warrior of the Light is every bit of satisfying and it leaves you captivated by its teachings and quiet inspiration. I’m excited to continue dissecting it.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own copy, check out Target here. My copy was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend; however, the book itself rings in at an affordable $8.89. Happy reading!

“Do not forget: seek to win all your battles, including those you fight against yourself. Do not fear the scars. Do not be afraid of victory.”

-Paulo Coelho

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