It’s the Little Things: 5 Lifestyle Habits that Keep Me Happy, Motivated and Grateful

Have you ever listened to India Arie’s “It’s the Little Things“? Talk about a classic. And, pretty much the theme song for my life right now – give it a listen here!

With so much ongoing change, I find myself always fishing for those moments that will contribute to feeling fulfilled and whole. In 2022, my goal is to share a bit more of my own world versus focusing on other aspects that surround me.

I’ve compiled a brief list of my (recent) guilty pleasures in life. These activities have ushered in immense joy, excitement and moments of pristine clarity. Keep reading to find out which pastimes made the cut!

1) Basking in the joy of cultivating my own home

I was recently blessed to get my own place. It was a decision that was difficult, but I did believe it was best for me to branch out and build a residence that I can be proud of. The process of creating a home has been so much fun!

Home Goods, Marshalls and a few mom-and-pop furniture shops have become my best friends. A part of me has been revived and it’s been such a treat to learn the ins and outs of transforming my space.

2) Rocking all-black (like Jay-Z suggested)

All black is just so luxe… so effortless and so elegant. I’m obsessed. I’m not sure if it’s the winter season or the innate need for me to channel my inner New Yorker – a good monochrome moment is always timeless. The set I am wearing above is from Nasty Gal.

3) Remaining consistent on my fitness journey

Yep, ya girl is still on the workout train. If you missed my previous blog on about working out, get into it here. My fiancé and I typically work out about three to four times a week. It’s such a great way to release steam, gain insight and stay motivated. And, the results aren’t too bad either…

4) Three words: Byredo’s “Mumbai Noise”

I’ve been stanning for Byredo since I discovered the French fragrance house early last year. My last two trips to Saks consisted of sampling (almost) their entire line-up. On my birthday, I gifted myself the Mumbai Noise scent – an aromatic oud that contains notes of davana, coffee/tonka bean, labdanum and sandalwood.

I’ve worn it nonstop since its purchase! A few of my additional faves from Byredo’s catalog include 1996, Slow Dance, Biblotheque, Bal D’Afrique and Mojave Ghost.

5) Frequenting bookstores to remain creatively sharp

Bookstores are my happy place. How Capricorn is that? Peace, serenity and calm rush over me whenever I step foot inside a Barnes and Noble, Half Price Books or Borders. Some of my best blog posts have come from being housed at a bookstore (during my brainstorm). It’s utter magic. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.


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