10 Lust-Worthy Niche Fragrances Currently on the Radar for 2022

I’m obsessed with niche fragrances. Yep. Obsessed. I’ve developed a passion for discovering olfactory notes that pique with my body chemistry. And, I simply cannot get enough!

Over the past year, my niche fragrance wish list has tripled. Although my current perfume collection is quite impressive, I’m on a path of editing my signature scents down to those that spark immense joy. Marie Kondo would be so proud.

Throughout this post, I’ve compiled a collection of niche goodies that I either: 1) want to try, 2) already love or 3) have it sitting in my Saks Fifth Avenue cart online.

From top left to bottom right: 1) Bottega Veneta’s “Illusione” Eau de Parfum $159, 2) Le Labo’s “Santal 33″Eau de Parfum $289, 3) diptyque’s “Eau de Parfum Eau Rose” $190 and 4) Natura’s “Ekos Alma” Eau de Parfum $95

Niche fragrances are categorized as being the alternative to the (overly popular) mainstream fragrances. Where the renowned designers produce in bulk, niche markets limit their clientele and simply do not produce in large amounts.

I find that, while niche fragrances can be a bit pricey, their quality trumps the competition. Under-the-radar brands, such as Stora Skuggan and Xerjoff, are more adventurous in developing their scents and use featured perfume notes as a means to tell a story. The overall goal is not to be everyone’s cup of tea.

From top left to bottom right: 1) Parfums de Marly’s “Delina” Eau de Parfum $335, 2) Stora Skuggan’s “Mistpouffer” Eau de Parfum $128, 3) Maison Crivelli’s “Papyrus Moleculaire” Eau de Parfum $200, 4) Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s “Feminin Pluriel” Eau de Parfum $235, 5) Penhaligon’s “The Bewitching Yasmine” Eau de Parfum $295, and 6) Kilian Paris’ “Roses on Ice” Eau de Parfum $195

Unisex fragrances seem to be my calling. While I can appreciate a super soft and flirty vibe, there’s just something so alluring about a woman that can pull off an atypical scent.

Yeah, it’s cool to have a few Tik Tok finds on deck, but cultivating a collection of innovative heavy hitters that you genuinely adore can catapult you to another level. I love to frequent Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and local perfumeries to unearth up-and-coming brands.

So, sound off below – what do you think of my niche picks? Do you have any other dope fragrance houses to recommend? I’m all ears.

Cover Photo Credits: @funmimonet


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