Life with Esmesha: Kicked Off Springtime in East Downtown Houston at Truckyard and 8th Wonder Brewery

I’ve been itching to get more lifestyle content out! Yes, fashion and beauty are all always a bop, but I’d like to think my personal life is pretty interesting as well.

For me, the tough part is simply finding that ideal balance between “sampling” and “oversharing”. Nevertheless, here’s a quick glimpse into one of my latest East Downtown (also known as “EaDo”) adventures.

If you’re not from Houston, just know that East Downtown is everything. Nestled on the cusp of Midtown and just miles away from River Oaks, East Downtown is filled with low-key eateries, bars and small businesses.

You literally park your car and spend the entire day getting lost. East Downtown has it all – art, music, culture, city views and even scooter rentals.

After attending a doggy birthday party for a relative’s pup at EaDog Park, my fiancĂ©, his sister and I decided to stop by Truckyard. Truckyard gave all the vibes – live music, a ferris wheel, an impressive line-up of local food trucks and drinks galore. Note: Truckyard is also pet-friendly. Bring your little ones along for the journey.

I immersed myself in a wildly popular Southern delicacy: crawfish; corn and potato included. I also jumped at the opportunity to ride a ferris wheel for the first time – it was magical! The perfect jump-off for the spring season.

Clear blue skies and the beauty of simply enjoying life were the high points of this adventure. I mentioned, multiple times, throughout the day that it simply felt amazing to be in the company of others. Laughing together, enjoying a dish, complimenting others, reminiscing, creating memories…

The pandemic has done a number on the world – mentally, physically and emotionally. But, it was refreshing to see that people have not lost their sense of fun and wonder. This was a welcome reminder for me to embrace every moment, living it up to the fullest.


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