5 Things to Watch, Listen To and Read in July

July, no doubt, is one of the best months for movie and television releases. It’s dead summer, all the kiddos are on vacation and perhaps mom and dad even snuck in a few days. Some of my favorite streaming services are dropping absolute magic – from edge-of-your-seat action to thought-provoking documentaries that make you stop and think.

Aside from screentime, let’s not forget about other forms of entertainment – enter in books and podcasts. Books are my happy place and podcasts keep me grounded while also enlightening me on new ideas, structures and stories.

Curious to see which picks made July hot list? Keep reading to get intel on everything that has me giddy this upcoming month.

1) Stranger Things (Netflix)

Image: Netflix

I’ve been a fan of Stranger Things since Eleven descended into Hawkins – buzz cut and all. Yep, my commitment to the show is authentic. If you’re into supernatural thrillers and a dose of 80’s nostalgia, this pick is for you. Stranger Things Season 4 can now be streamed on Netflix.

2) Beyonce’s “Renaissance” Album

Image: British GQ

Beyonce is back! The megastar’s newest project, Renaissance, graces our existence on July 29th. Are you ready?

3) Nope (In Theaters July 22)

Image: Okayplayer

Filmmaker Jordan Peele is back! The Get Out and Us creator is set to drop the highly anticipated thriller Nope on July 22. The trailer is pretty ambiguous and it’s safe to say that you never know what to expect from Peele’s abstract subliminals.

With heavyweights KeKe Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yeun on deck, this is sure to be one for the books. A word of advice: be sure to grab your tickets early.

4) “Cult Classic: A Novel” by Sloane Crosley

Image: Ebay

I ran across this read while sifting through the latest edition of Harper’s Bazaar. So far, Sloane Crosley’s musings are a refreshing delight. Crosley paints a witty, relatable and suspenseful plot for readers in search of a parallel truth. Definitely a page-turner!

5) Brown Girl Self-Care Podcast with Bre Mitchell (Spotify and Castbox)

Image: PodParadise

Self-care is mandatory part of my weekly routine. The Brown Girl Self-Care Podcast with Bre Mitchell is perfect for Black women (like myself) who struggle with more complex aspects of life – think moreso along the lines of generational trauma, depression, productivity and self-love. Bre Mitchell’s melodious voice soothes to the core and the lessons she presents proves she is wise beyond her years.

I just pop this on while I’m driving or cleaning my home. Carving out time to give back to yourself is the secret to maintaining balance and peace.

Honorable Mentions:

Last Night in Soho (HBO Max, July 1)

Girl in the Picture (Netflix, July 6)

SheerLuxe Podcast (Spotify and Castbox)

The Bob’s Burgers Movie (Hulu, July 12)

Persuasion (Netflix, July 15)

Rap Sh!t (HBO Max, July 21)

The Gray Man (Netflix, July 22)

What are you excited to indulge in for July? If you have any recommendations to check out, drop them in the comments. Let’s share! Also, how do you feel about making this installment a monthly feature?

Photo Credits: I do not own the rights to any of the photographs compiled throughout this article.

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