Finding Comfort in Little Moments

The summer has been brutal. I just opened an electricity bill for $205. Every other minute we’re receiving “conservation tips” on how to further reserve our energy usage. Gas is damn near an arm and a leg. And, let’s not forget about the usual day-to-day tasks that tend to grind our gears – i.e.: work culture, family relationships, etc.

Life can get stressful. These stressors can throw off the trajectory of your reaching your goals and accomplishing those ideals that give you an overall sense of fulfillment.

Little comforts sustain me. Comfort is underrated. Highly. Yeah, yeah – we all know that you have to be uncomfortable (in order to grow), but don’t make yourself so uncomfortable to the point where you cannot enjoy what life has to offer. Focus on turning small moments and wins into the cornerstone for your gratitude.

Peace and prayer comfort me. Quiet moments with my pup Chloe, my sister and my fiancé fuel me. Hot cups of Egyptian licorice tea, jamming Lucky Daye and garnering instances of inspiration from people watching keep me grounded. I love cultivating my home – adding in bits of home decor and maintaining my space bring me so much joy. Self-care maintains my physical. And, I live for the perfect bowl of tonkotsu ramen.

When life seems like it’s spiraling out of control, flock to things that will encourage you to keep pushing. Don’t cave to the expectation that you can handle it all. Remain present and inspired. Life is meant to be lived – do it to the fullest.

Outfit Details: Chambray: vintage Marlboro; Denim Shorts: vintage Calvin Klein; Lace-Up Sandals: Zara; Sunnies: Amazon

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