Accountability 101

Taking accountability is tough.

Being able to own up to one’s own faults can be both intimidating and a blow to any Kanye-sized ego. Yet, accountability is the key to accepting traits, ideas and situations that continuously hinder your personal growth. Without accountability, consecutive and aimless excuses are the foundation for the obstacles that life serves your way.

In my full-time job as a social worker, I encounter a massive lack of accountability. Families struggle to maintain their bond because one person (or a few, in some instances) fail to realize how their emotional shortcoming affects the social support surrounding them.

Accountability is not something you can teach. Accountability is the cornerstone of being responsible and it stems from being self-aware, vulnerable and honest with yourself. The world will forever extend obstacles; however, it is up to us to decide how we will tackle the issues that come our way. Playing the blame game won’t get you far. At all.

Like Drake said, “I think they call this venting“…

Please be accountable in everything you do. Regardless of the decisions made, you can pick up the pieces and start again. Dodging accountability not only hurts you, but it also cuts off those valuable streams of motivation, love and compassion. Don’t jeopardize being the best version of yourself to succumb to complications of personal struggles. Your influence matters, make it count.

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