4 Spotify Playlists that Are Guaranteed to Soothe Your Mind, Body and Soul

As the world around us spins into absolute madness, music remains the constant that helps to sustain our emotions, our moods and our way of coping with the chaos that encapsulates our day-to-day lives.

Spotify is the saving grace. There are times where I’ll pop on a playlist, just to experience the rush of paralyzing nostalgia or the calming effect of an enthralling lo-fi track. I’ve found that searching for new playlists has blossomed into a well-loved pastime and grants me the opportunity to authentically create the soundtrack for my life.

I figured I would share (just a glimpse) of a handful of track lists that stay on heavy rotation. These are the sounds that ground me. Keep reading to find out which soul-stirring compilations made the cut!

1) [Only4thecool] by: johnthebaptistla

Image: Spotify

The first playlist was discovered by way of Tik Tok’s own @johnbaptistla. As an epic content creator, his taste in art, music and fashion is unsurpassed. Of course, after receiving tons of requests to create a Spotify playlist of his current faves, he did not disappoint.

If you’re a fan of buttery vocals, sultry beats and familiar throwbacks, this pick is worth a listen.

2) [Floating] by: Spotify

Image: Spotify

Floating was the first playlist I ever added to my Spotify faves. What captured me? It’s simple: Every single song made me feel at peace. No worries, no struggles. And, those are feelings that you fight to hold near and dear to your heart.

With bangers like SAULT’s “Wildfires”, Cleo Sol’s “When I’m in Your Arms” and Yebba’s “Distance”, it’s impossible to press the skip button. All you have to do is vibe out.

3) [sensual yoga: sacral chakra] by: sydney noelle

Image: Spotify

And, another one! Yep, another Tik Tok discovery. This time, by way of wellness extraordinaire @itssydneynoelle. Although I don’t practice yoga often, the featured tracks here are too good. I adore the versatility (and sexiness) of this pick – the creator spans between genres including vintage jazz, oriental instrumentals and dance/electronica selections.

4) [I Love My Neo-Soul] by: Spotify

Image: Spotify

Neo-soul is one of my love languages. As an early teen, I can recall staying up late to watch BET’s Midnight Love to get my feel-good dosage fron the likes of D’Angelo, Kem, Angie Stone and Indie Arie. In retrospect, I didn’t have the slightest inkling of what true love entailed – but this playlist instantly transports me back to that time.

Loaded with 2000’s R&B heavy hitters and tasty masterpieces, I Love My Neo-Soul is ideal for a rainy Friday night with the boo: candles are lit, a hot bubble bath and chilled glasses of wine are also on deck.

Oh my gosh, this was so much to write! I’m beyond excited to share more music content. My auditory palate is constantly evolving, and I want to include each of you on my musical ascent.

Sound off below – let me know which artists you cannot get enough of. Are there any Spotify playlists you may recommend?

*Photo Credits: All photographs are sourced from Spotify. I do not own the rights to any of the photographs compiled throughout this article.

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