Currently Craving: Vintage Graphic T-Shirts

Y’all… vintage graphic tees have me in a chokehold. A heavy one. If I had my way, I would wear one every single day.

Where did my love affair start? My guess is ThriftCon 2021.

After purchasing the ultimate grail Dale Earnhardt, Sr. tee, I’ve been on the hunt for all forms of the worn and tattered cotton gold. Don’t be fooled though – these babies can get to be quite pricey. But, I find that adding that instant bit of nostalgia makes the splurge totally worth it.

Getting dressed is easier when you have a uniform on deck. My personal fave includes a vintage tee, a versatile bottom and any shoe (based on how ya girl is feeling). Think street style icons like Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz and Shia LaBeouf for the unshakeable vintage tee formula.

Easy, breezy looks… that’s what we stan.

Sound off below: Let me know what you are currently craving! What’s on your seasonal wish list? And if you’re a vintage aficionado as well, drop what you’re obsessed with in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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