About Esmesha


Esmesha Campbell is a writer, editor and media influencer based in Houston, Texas. Her wide variety of literary work ranges from topics including fashion, beauty, hair and entertainment. In 2014, Esmesha started working for Fashion Bomb Daily, the #1 multicultural online magazine and the #43 most influential style site in the world, where she created a niche as an intern. By 2015, she was hired as a full-time staff writer. Her work on The Fashion Bomb included daily celebrity fashion spottings and identifications, seasonal trend reports, the wildly-popular Bomb Blogger feature, fashion news, red carpet coverage, beauty highlights and the Look of the Week. The site is a one-stop destination for a versatile group of fashionistas, especially African-American women, and continuously serves up engaging and stimulating content to thousands of readers everyday. She ended her tenure with Fashion Bomb Daily in March 2017.

Esmesha has also collaborated with fashion heavyweights including Fashion Bomb Daily’s founder/CEO Claire Sulmers. She has served as a contributing author for other Houston publications such as The Vessel’s print magazine and online site. In March 2016, she founded her own online portfolio EsmeshaCampbell.com where she focuses more on further cultivating her writing talent while covering local events in her hometown, personal outfits, pressing current events and personal reflections. Esmesha holds a B.A. in Political Science with a Minor in Sociology from the illustrious Prairie View A&M University. She also holds a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy from Texas Southern University.

Solely focused on expanding her expertise, Esmesha’s brand is centered around inspiring women of color to go after their dreams, despite what society dictates as “the norm”. There are so many times where young women are hesitant to go after their lifelong passions – but, Esmesha is living proof that dreams can transform into epic realities. Her platform is also set upon the premise of dedication, faith, an unwavering work ethic and flawless style. Esmesha’s life experiences have solidified her goal of, one day, establishing herself as a successful entrepreneur and author.


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